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October 28, 2009



Once again, why are we punishing everyone and making up rules for everyone just because a few people are idiots? Why can't we just enforce existing rules for idiotic behavior? You get in a fight downtown, you go to jail. If there's several fights at one establishment downtown, you take away their liquor license or business license for too many police calls. Only a handful of bars have this problem, so why not fine them or revoke their licenses? Why punish, say "Doc Holidays" bar downtown which has NO problems inside or outside and they're 24 hours. What the heck is up with this juvenile knee jerk reaction to make more and more and more rules. Criminalize drugs because of a few idiots who OD. Hey let's ban hot drinks because a few idiots spill it on themselves. Rules, rules, rules. Get a life. People can self-regulate and there are enough existing rules against bad behavior. Rules should exist to enforce our rights and punish those who infringe on our rights. Boo-hoo, loud people at 4 AM downtown. Why did you buy a condo next door then? You chose to live downtown, you hipster wannabe or retired couple. Oh but you don't like the loud and rowdy people on the streets at 4 AM? You can't cherry pick life.


Lakescrossing, I tend to agree with you. Note I'm not calling for an arbitrary cutoff time for liquor sales or an arbitrary hour when bars would be closed. More cops on the street would probably take care of the "outside" problems. It's a moot point for me since the places I frequent already close on their own. What I'm arguing for here is promotion of an attitude of civility and respect, and that's what I'll be looking for coming out of any efforts that happen between the city and the business owners.

One argument I don't buy is the tradition argument. "It was this way before you got here - deal with it" or "that's the way we've always done it - that's just Reno" don't wash with me. People, places, and ways of doing things change all the time. I, for one, am particularly interested in how we try to keep those changes "for the better".

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